Fitness Consulting

To ensure all members start their health-related fitness process accurately and safely we require all members complete an initial consultation.  Follow-up consultations every 90 days are highly recommended for results comparison, exercise prescription adjustments and education.

Remember true health is not just the absence of disease but a journey to health optimization through appropriate physical activity and structured exercise.

The Annual Consultation Program Includes:

  • In depth pre activity screening to ensure exercise safety.
  • Pre-exercise physiological measures such as:
    • Resting blood pressure, pulse and estimated maximal heart rate for sub maximal testing and training
  • Body composition analysis that covers multiple approaches to ensure the best understanding of what goals are appropriate for the individual.
  • Analysis of exercise and activity that is appropriate for daily life both at the gym and for activities of daily living
  • Cardiovascular assessment that looks at both central health (your heart) and peripheral health (how well your muscles are utilizing oxygen and fuel).
  • Musculoskeletal assessment that looks at endurance, strength and power as well as functional range of motion and balance.
  • Exercise prescription based on multiple scenarios that fits appropriately into your life.
  • Education around such topics as chronic condition management, appropriate health-related fitness goals, long term health planning, better understanding of fitness research, fitness versus fatness and more.
  • 3 follow up assessments every 90 days to ensure that you are being supported and progressing. You will receive automatic email or text appointment reminders 48 hours in advance of each appointment, as well as a confirmation call from your Fitness Consultant

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