Hear what athletes and members have to say about their experience training at Performance.

Scott Keats

Performance Fitness Member

If it was not for the awesome staff and trainers and managers at Performance Fitness and Training, I do not know if I would have gotten as far into my journey as I have. There is such a great atmosphere here at Performance. Even the members are awesome. They are always willing to help out, if needed. In my time at Performance, I have dropped 129.9lbs, and 154.9lbs YTD, and probably more. It could not have done without the help of the staff including Matt Stirling, Nubbia Stirling and my trainer Cody Dyson. Thank you Performance, as you have one driven and motivated member! This is truly not just a gym, but it is a Community!

Renee Hartford


My name is Renee Hartford, 56 years old and I’m a competitive age-group athlete in races from 5k’s to marathon and multi-sport duathlon (run + bike).  I have won races overall and many in my age-group categories. My greatest accomplishments were qualifying for the Boston Marathon 4 times and running in 3 of them each in a different age group (45-49), (50-54), (55-59) and qualified to be on Team Canada for the World Age-Group Duathlon Championships in Ottawa 2013 (7th place) and Spain 2014 (5th place) and Australia 2015. I also did a 6 day stage adventure race in the mountains and rainforest of Costa Rico in 2009 for my 50th….It was the most brutal challenge I ever had to do.

Performance Fitness and Training has been my gym of choice for the last three years and absolutely enjoy being a member here.  Matt Stirling,the personal trainers and the staff are fun and very approachable and knowledgeable.

You’re greeted when you walk in with a smiling staff and I love the clean and non-intimidating extremely friendly environment and great atmosphere.  It’s great the way the gym is constantly growing and changing to what the customer (members) need and the numerous promotional deals they run. I also love the support I got from staff and members when training for the Worlds last year.  It really helped motivate me.

Performance Fitness and Training is a good choice and I’m thrilled that they are a huge part of my journey and hopefully yours too.

Adam Kaminski

Professional Volleyball Player

I chose to train at Performance whenever I was home because not only was it run by a friend and knowledgable owner, it had everything I needed to maintain my form when away from national/pro teams.

My training regimen would vary from week to week – from isometric, eccentric, explosive, heavy, etc. – depending on schedule and upcoming games/tournaments, but I was able to accomplish whatever I needed whenever I came to Performance. Thanks to Matt and the staff for always being friendly and helping me out.

Larry Balkwill

Baseball Player

My name is Larry Balkwill and I began training at Performance Health and Fitness in 2005. I was a member of the Canadian Junior National Baseball Team and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2009. I played four years of Division 1 baseball and began my professional career with the Quebec Capitales in 2014. In 2015, I will be entering my second year of professional baseball as a member of the Windy City Thunderbolts of the Frontier League.

Throughout my career I have always chosen to train at Performance whenever I am training in Chatham. Performance offers me all the equipment and space I need to follow my unique baseball training programs. Matt Stirling and Casey Ohara, along with the rest of the staff are always available to answer any questions I have and assist in my training. Performance rivals any gym I have trained in across North America.

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